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  1. RappelzDark Eternal RappelzDark Season 2 Eternal TR / AR / ENG / GER This server is unique. You will experience more Custom Content here than anywhere else. The server is based on the 9.5 Source epic. But nothing is missing here, we just have everything that has 9.6 and much more. Find information about the server on discord, our website and Youtube. Teammember Admin/DEV: Downdo Admin: psiko Serverrates EXP: 40x JP: 1x Drop: Custom, but basically 10x Tame: 1.0x Chaosrate: 2x Group-Exp-Bonusrate 2 Member: 200% 3 Member: 360% 4 Member: 490% 5 Member: 520% 6 Member: 660% 7 Member: 780% 8 Member: 800% Worldbuff-System All around Horizon-Katan-Rondo-Laksy you can meet monsters called "WorldBoss", who are controlling several areas. If you successfully defeat one of them, he drops a random worldbuff Those buffs have a duration of 30 min and as a result of this, the respawntime of these monsters is the same. Skillcard-Boxes To make it easier for players finding cards for their own class, I've implemented class-specific skillcard-boxes. That means you'll only get skillcards of the class displayed on the icon, including each pre-jobs. Skill card boxes can be opened in bulk in the combination window (max. 1000 pieces per combination). Emblems We have also emblems and their awakening working, as well as their stat-effects. Collections Even if the source is 9.6 we also have collectible items, right now "only" the bosscard-collections. They're applied directly without wearing them in any slot. Fix & percentage stats, as well as Skill-increasing effects are no problem new boss cards glad-dark yushiva -phoenix added. Gears 150-160-170 All Gear in NPC 185 Weapons in drop Arcadia! New Daily Quest Unlimited Emblem Raffle Guild Lobby And Dungeon New Armor Sets You can now convert the reviac item set to 205 lvl Armor Sets New Premium Pass Reviac items All in NPC ! Dungeon System You can level up in these dungeons Dungeon capture Active! Where can you find AP? In-game it comes to your inventory Every Hour 1x AP box 1x Books (1x AP box = 3k-25k AP 30 books = 1M AP ) Huntoholic Dungeon is work (You Can Farm Easly Dungeon) Don't forget All AP Materials drop from Bosses! You can drop and tame Cards from new Bosses We would be pleased to see you among us.RappelzDark Team It's been 2 years since game opened www.rappelzdark.com discord.gg/FHUJJzE

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